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  • 04/07/2022 9:07 AM | Anonymous

    The TAB adventure ride for Saturday April 9th will be a scavenger hunt / Winter Warriors (TAB) finally. The ride is starting at the downtown Earnest Brew works location at 25 S. Saint Clair Street. We depart at 9 am for a casual 15 mile trek around downtown on several bicycle trails. You can ride whatever type of bike you want, road, gravel, mountain, single speed or unicycle. The clues will be posted here Friday night, you have to take a selfie at each of the locations to get credit for the item. After the ride everyone is invited to enjoy fun, fellowship and prizes!!! https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38121266

    WW Ernest Brew Works Slow Roll / scavenger hunt

  • 03/31/2022 10:19 AM | Anonymous

    Are you ready for an adventure? The TAB adventure rides begin this Saturday April 2nd. We will depart from Cyclewerks in Whitehouse at 9 am. The pace will be 17 to 19 rolling and 15 to 17 mph average for 35 miles. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38920792

    TAB Adventure ride to Grand Rapids From Whitehouse

  • 02/13/2022 9:16 PM | Anonymous

    Way Public Library - Perrysburg


    or Zoom

    Join Zoom Meeting


  • 10/28/2021 6:58 PM | Jenifer Wiles (Administrator)

    Come join Ken and myself for the last Sunday Morning TAB ride of the season. We will depart from Wildwood Metropark at 9 am. We will follow the regular Sunday route, 41 miles. This is a no drop ride and we will average between 16 and 18 mph. We will stop for a snack around the half way point.

  • 10/06/2021 6:39 AM | Jenifer Wiles (Administrator)

    Come join Ken and myself for the Sunday Morning TAB ride on October 10th. We will depart from Wildwood Metropark at 9 am. We will follow the regular Sunday route, 41 miles. This is a no drop ride and we will average between 17 and 18.5 mph. We will stop for a snack around the half way point.

     TAB Sunday Breakfast Ride - Improved! - A bike ride in Lucas County, OH (ridewithgps.com)

  • 10/01/2021 8:35 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday September 28th recap

              The final official chapter of the Speedtrap Ride for 2021 brought thirty-two eager cyclists to Elmore this past Tuesday, September 28th, for a great ride in almost ideal riding weather. Scott Lang and his Ghost Pepper Riders rode to a 24.3 mph average – a nice way to end the season! Bob Kayden reported a 22.3 mph average for his Cayenne Pepper Riders. The Habanero Riders reported a 20.4 mph average(Tony Mazurek, leader?) Doug Kilpatrick filled in for Todd Pollock as leader of the Jalapeno Riders. Doug Reported a 19.5 mph average. Claude Watkins,  Dave Stoiber, and I rode out as the Sweet Pepper Riders. Hubert Backes eventually joined us. We returned with a 16.2 mph average.

              There was one new rider this week, Devon Boyd, who hails all the way from Melbourne, Australia![Unfortunately, no picture].

              Pictured are Bob Kayden and Scott Lang presenting me with two “Thanks Chuck” pumpkin pies for leading the Speedtrap Ride. Thank you! I enjoyed being part of the group, and I hope I have made the Speedtrap Ride better and more appealing than if I hadn’t been there.  However, the thanks  really goes from me to all the riders and ride leaders, Scott Lang, Bob Kayden, Doug Kilpatrick, and Todd Pollock,  for making the Speedtrap Ride the great ride that it is. Thank you all! I also thank everyone for allowing me to ride with and be among some of the finest people in these parts! Thank you also to Rob Golden and his Spoke Life Cycles Elmore staff, Mike Meiser, Doug Kilpatrick, and Dan Waggoner for their support of the Speedtrap Ride.

              I look forward to seeing the best Tuesday night ride out of Ottawa County roll out once again on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. I hope to see you then!

    Chuck Nicewonder



  • 09/29/2021 12:25 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    From Joe Peltier, 5fer Thursday Ride Captain

    Mighty Cyclists,

    Tomorrow (9/30/21) is the last official Thursday Night 5fer of the 2021 season.  This is your last chance to join some of the most unique and awesome people on the planet while riding to your heart's desire.

    The weather looks awesome!  Clear and cool with winds out of the East at 5mph gusting to 13 mph.  The high for the day is slated to be 72 with the low for the night at 50.  Make sure to dress appropriately.

    We will start promptly at 6pm with the following groups rolling out:

    Group 1 (Hot1) - Avg: 20-23 mph, 26 mi

    Group 2 (Hot2) - Avg: Less hot than Hot1 26 mi

    Group 3 (Xtra Spicy) - Avg: 19-21 mph, 26 mi

    Group 4 (Spicy Plus) - Avg: 18-19.5 mph, 26 mi

    Group 5 (Spicy) - Avg: 16-18 mph, 24 mi

    Group 6 (GLR) - Avg: 14-16 mph, 20 mi

    Bring your lights!  We will be finishing at dusk and it will definitely be dark in the shadows along River Road. 

    I look forward to seeing everyone!


    Joe "El Capitan" Peltier

  • 09/27/2021 6:51 PM | Jenifer Wiles (Administrator)

    TAB Windsday ride will start at Central Trail Elementary, 4321 Mitchaw Road on Sept 29th. This is our last ride of the season. We will depart at 6:00 pm and will have 4 groups going out.  

    F&F: 22+ mph, 25 mile route

    RF: 19 to 21 mph avg, 25 mile route

    R&R: 16 to 18 mph avg, 25 mile route

    GRL: 14 to 16 mph, 20 mile route

  • 09/26/2021 8:41 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday September 28th

              The Speedtrap Ride, a bike ride among the great ones, will roll out for its final official ride of the season this Tuesday, September 28th, at 6:08 pm from Spoke Life Cycles in Elmore, Ohio. The weather looks to be favorable for riding: temperature in the upper 60s at ride time, a ENE wind of 5 mph, and virtually no chance of rain.

              Scott Lang will lead the Ghost Pepper Riders and will likely average 22 – 23+ mph. Are you up to the challenge?! Bob Kayden will ride out with his Cayenne Pepper Riders at (maybe) a slightly slower pace, 21 – 22+ mph. Doug Kilpatrick and his Habanero Riders will average 20 – 21 mph. A substitute ride leader is needed for the Jalapeno Riders, but they will likely average 17 – 19 mph. I will ride out with anyone who would like to go at a more casual pace. We will be the Sweet Pepper Riders and will average anywhere from 14 – 16+ mph.

              Pictured is regular Speedtrap Rider Claude Watkins, as he appeared on September 25, 2018.

              Please join us for a ride on some of the quietest country roads in this area, and with some great people, too, as we say goodbye to the official 2021 season. Sign-in begins in front of the bike shop at 5:30 pm, and we ride at 6:08 (to let Spoke Life employees close the shop and be ready to ride). I hope to see you then!

    Chuck Nicewonder

    PS  Some of us slower riders may leave anywhere from 5:30 to 6:00!

  • 09/24/2021 6:26 PM | Jenifer Wiles (Administrator)

    TAB Sunday morning ride changed to Secor Metropark (Nature Center Parking lot) due to road work on King.  We depart 8am on Sept 26th. We will be riding 50 miles. We will stop in Oaks at mile 15.5 and again in Delta around mile 32.  Average speed will be between 17-18.5 mph.

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