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  • 06/27/2022 5:51 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)


    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday June 28th

              The Speedtrap Ride, the best Tuesday night ride out of Ottawa County, will roll out once again from Spoke Life Cycles in Elmore at 6:30 pm, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28th. The weather forecast is for sunny skies, a temperature of 80 degrees, no chance of rain, and south winds at 5 mph.

              Scott Lang will lead the Ghost Pepper Riders at a likely average of 22+ mph. Are you ready for the challenge?! Bob Kayden will lead the Cayenne Pepper Riders at a 21+ mph. Doug Kilpatrick will take out the Habanero Riders at 20+ mph.

              Todd Pollock is still on active duty in the navy, so a substitute will be needed for the Jalapeno Riders. Because of an injury, I will probably not be riding out with the Sweet Pepper Riders for the group’s casual ride tomorrow night.

              However, I will be in Elmore to sign riders in.  AND…We will have a pizza party after the ride, pizza from the Portage Inn in Elmore. I will be buying the pizza, so please let me know what kinds of pizza to order if you plan to join us after the ride.

              Pictured is regular Speedtrap Rider—and half ironman veteran---Greg Hill, as he appeared June 1, 2021.

            Please join us in Elmore for what appears to be ideal weather for the Speedtrap Ride. Ride some quiet country roads and meet some great people, too! Sign-in begins at 6:00 pm in front of the bike shop. I hope to see you then!

    Chuck Nicewonder





  • 06/26/2022 6:41 AM | Ronnie Wells

    TAB Monday Whitehouse ride for 6/27 will start across from Cycle Werks at 6:30. There will be 2 or 3 groups depending on how many show up. Groups will roll at 14-16, 18-20 and 20+. If there are not enough we will combine the 2 faster groups at 19-21. Hope to see you there.

  • 06/23/2022 9:45 AM | Joseph Peltier (Administrator)

    Mighty cyclists, 

    The intersection of Weckerly and Monclova is closed for the next 45 days as a roundabout is being constructed. 

    We have a slight change to our route. 

    • Monclova to Eber Road ( R )
    • Eber to the North Fork of the Cannonball bike path ( L )
    • Bike Path to Keener ( L )
    • Keener to Monclova ( R )
    • This puts us back on the regular route 

    We'll be taking this detour for the rest of the 2022 riding season. 

    Looking forward to tonight's ride.  You can still register on line:   https://toledo-area-bicyclists.ticketleap.com/thursday-5fer/ 


    Joe "El Capitan" Peltier

  • 06/22/2022 10:16 PM | Douglass Kilpatrick (Administrator)

    This Saturdays TAB adventure ride will leave from Cyclewerks in Whitehouse at 8 am for a 40 mile ride along the river. There will be a quick stop at Grandma's kitchen. The rolling pace will be 18 to 20. Final average between 16 and 18 mph.


  • 06/22/2022 8:46 PM | Jodie Petcoff (Administrator)

    Saturday, June 25th, the TAB Meandering Group heads out for another tour around Northwest Ohio. This week is a 32-mile round trip route out to Liberty Center and back to Whithouse. We roll at 8a. Average speed over the whole route will be approximately 13-15mph depending on the group who shows up to rode. This is also the firmly ride for the month of June , which means a post ride breakfast/brunch at a local Whitehouse establishment. Hopefully you can join us!!


  • 06/22/2022 1:53 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday June 21st recap

              Twenty-six cyclists came to Elmore last night for the summer solstice edition of the Speedtrap Ride. It was hot--98 degrees -- with a mild but healthy southwest wind.

              Scott Lang led the Ghost Pepper Riders, and reported a riding average of 22.4 mph. Bob Kayden reported 20.2 mph for his Cayenne Pepper Riders. In Todd Pollock’s absence, Doug Kilpatrick led a combined Habanero/Jalapeno Group and reported 18.7 mph.  Claude Watkins and I were the only Sweet Pepper Riders; I forgot to turn on my Garmin.  Not sure if it was the heat, but I felt awful before and during the first 7 miles. After that, I  was much better. The ride must have done me a lot of good!

             Several riders gathered after the ride for drink and snacks inside an air conditioned bike shop.

              Pictured is first time Speedtrap Rider Scott Hammer. I was told Scott rode with some Flatlanders several years ago(perhaps 8 years ago), and is now coming back to cycling. Welcome back Scott!

              For next Tuesday, June 28th, the weather forecast is for sunny skies with a high temperature of 80 degrees. There will, however, be a mild ENE wind. Also for next Tuesday, we WILL have pizza after the ride. I will order the pizzas before the ride so they can be ready when we return to Elmore. If you plan to take part in this pizza party, please let me know what kinds of pizza I should order.

              We roll out at 6:30 pm from Spoke Life Cycles in Elmore. I hope to see you then!

    Chuck Nicewonder


  • 06/21/2022 4:04 PM | Joseph Peltier (Administrator)

    Mighty Cyclists, 

    Thank you Chuck for Covering 

    53 riders braved the heat, wind and humidity.  Bully for those mighty cyclists! 

    Averages reported are as follows; 

    Hot 1:  A blistering 25mph

    Hot 2: 22.0

    Extra Spicy: 20.7

    Spicy Plus: 18.3

    Spicy:  No reported Speed

    GLR: 14.0 

    Chuck Reported the following: 

    I looked for some interesting fact about the ride to report to you. Ben Jakeway rode his first 5fer ride and only his 2nd time on a bike(so I was told). He has a Kent Bike[from some store---- Walmart???)He started out in the GLR group but moved up to Spicy during the ride. However, I guess he's not new to exercise(weights, running).   Good to have you aboard Ben!

    Thank you again Chuck for stepping up to the plate. 

    Now, the 6/23 ride is looking like the weather gods will be smiling on us.  82 is the forecasted high with a 0% chance of rain.  Winds will be NNE @5mph gusting to 12mph.  In other words, calm.  Just what we like to see. 

    Note that the intersection of Monclova and Weckerly is now under construction.  We are reviewing alternate routes and will post the Ride With GPS route Wednesday evening. 

    Rides, average speeds and ride leaders: 

    Group 1 (Hot1) - Avg: 20-24+ mph, 26 mi:    Phil Carroll

    Group 2 (Hot2) - Avg: Less hot than Hot1 26 mi:   Tim Eckel

    Group 3 (Xtra Spicy) - Avg: 19-21 mph, 26 mi:  Doug Kilpatrick

    Group 4 (Spicy Plus) - Avg: 18-19.5 mph, 26 mi:  ???

    Group 5 (Spicy) - Avg: 16-18 mph, 24 mi:  Jodie Petcoff

    Group 6 (GLR) - Avg: 14-16 mph, 20 mi:  John Galdeen 

    For your convenience, on line registration for our Thursday rides will now be available.  Follow this link: 


    Avoid the clipboard 


    Joe "El Capitan" Peltier

  • 06/20/2022 7:38 AM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)


    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday June 21st

              The Speedtrap Ride, one of America’s great Tuesday night rides, will hold its summer solstice chapter tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21st. We’ll roll out at 6:30 pm from Spoke Life Cycles in Elmore, Ohio.

              Scott Lang will lead the Ghost Pepper Rider challenge! If you ride in his group, expect to average 22+ mph. Bob Kayden will lead the Cayenne Pepper Riders at 21+ mph. Doug Kilpatrick will take out the Habanero Riders at 20+ mph.

    Todd Pollock will be on active duty in the navy for a few weeks, so a substitute leader will be needed for the Jalapeno Riders, who average anywhere from 16 – 19 mph.

    I will ride out with the Sweet Pepper Riders, those who want to ride at a more casual pace.

              The prediction for weather at ride time is 0% chance of rain and a WSW wind of 12 mph, diminishing as the evening progresses, It will be sunny, however the temperature will be in the upper 90s. PLEASE DRINK PLENTY OF WATER BEFORE AND DURING THE RIDE!

              After the ride, several riders plan to gather in front of the bike shop for pizza from the Portage Inn(some of the best pizza for miles!) If you plan to join us, please bring a few dollars to help cover the cost, and  bring a dish of food to share.

              Please join us! Ride some quiet country roads and meet some great people, too! Sign-in begins in front of the bike shop at 6:00, and we roll out at 6:30 pm. I hope to see you then!

              Pictured is Speedtrap rider David St. Louis, as he appeared on May 25, 2021.

    Chuck Nicewonder


  • 06/19/2022 8:36 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    TAB Sunday Breakfast Ride

    Great News! The TAB Sunday Breakfast Ride out of Wildwood Preserve Metropark will be resuming on July 3rd. Your ride leader will be Michael Loga.[No official ride June 26th because of MVA's Portage River Tour]. Please join Michael as he becomes TAB's newest ride leader. Thank you Michael!

    Pictured is Michael Loga as he appeared in Elmore on July 20, 2021.

    Chuck Nicewonder

  • 06/19/2022 8:23 PM | Kenneth Shaw (Administrator)

    Dave Nepper joined me to ride and we had a nice time, enjoying the lack of wind. We got to chat each other up and ended up averaging 15.8 mph. It was a great night for a ride. Dave was out to hit 50 for the day by riding from Luckey to meet me, then riding home to hit is goal.

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