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  • 07/06/2022 2:38 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday July 5th recap

              Twenty-two cyclists came to Elmore last night for the Speedtrap Ride. The Ghost Pepper Riders, led by Dan Willis(substituting for Scott Lang) and the Cayenne Pepper Riders, led by Bob Kayden, rode out as one group. However, when they returned, Dan reported 22.3 mph for an average, while Bob’s group was slightly less at 21.9 mph. Doug Kilpatrick and Todd Pollock combined the Habanero Riders and Jalapeno Riders into one group of twelve riders. Todd reported 19.5 mph. Ben Durant and Claude Watkins were the only Sweet Pepper Riders. They reported an average of 14.1 mph.

              After the ride,  several riders enjoyed cold watermelon furnished by Becky Kayden. Thank you Becky! A great treat on a 90-degree day!

              Pictured is Jason Moore, looking very fit  after four years of intense training on and off the bike! Also pictured are Dan Willis and Bob Kayden, Mike Grillis and Dave Stover, and Ben Durant and Claude Watkins!

              Please join us next Tuesday, July 12th, for another edition of the Speedtrap Ride. The long-range forecast does not indicate a day of thunderstorms, so it should be a great day to ride. Sign-in begins at 6:00 in front of the bike shop, and we roll out at 6:30 pm. I hope to see you then!

    Chuck Nicewonder


  • 07/06/2022 11:26 AM | Debbie Tassie (Administrator)

    Meet in Whitehouse for a 31-mile ride to and from Grand Rapids. Stop for coffee at a shop new to Coffee Riders!

  • 07/06/2022 4:39 AM | Jodie Petcoff (Administrator)

    **NOTE: Different Time & Start Location.**

    TAB's Meandering Ride is changing things up for this Saturday, July 9th and joining the Wood County Park District Ride to Ludwig Mill. Registration for this ride is FREE!! We will be rolling out of the Carter Historic Farm (18331 Carter Rd, Bowling Green]) at 9a for this 38-mile round trip route. While at the mill we will take a tour and refuel with baked goods made using their flour. Please register using the link below so they have a headcount and let me know if you have any issues.


  • 07/04/2022 3:10 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday July 5th

              The Speedtrap Ride will roll out once again tomorrow, Tuesday, July 5th, from Spoke Life Cycles in Elmore, Ohio. The faster groups will ride the long route, 25 miles. Slower groups will cut off a little bit, and ride 22 miles.

              The weather forecast is for a temperature of 90 degrees at ride time, a west wind of 10 mph, and a 30+% chance of an isolated thunderstorm.

              Scott Lang will lead the Ghost Pepper Riders. His group will likely average 22 to 23+ mph. Are you up to the challenge?! Bob Kayden will lead the Cayenne Pepper Riders at a slightly slower pace: 21+ mph. Doug Kilpatrick will take out his Habanero Riders at 20+ mph. Todd Pollock should be back to lead the Jalapeno Riders at anywhere from 16 to 19 mph. I will still probably not be riding….A substitute leader will be needed for the Sweet Pepper Riders.

              You may think that Elmore is farther than you would like to drive for a bike ride! Fear not….Elmore is only 22 miles from the University of Toledo area. That’s not farther than Whitehouse is from many sections of the metro area. It just seems farther away because it is in Ottawa County.

              So come on out to Elmore and ride some quiet country roads. You’ll meet and ride with some great people, too! I will be there to begin sign-in at 6:00 in front of the bike shop, and we roll out at 6:30. I hope to see you then!

              Pictured is Speedtrap Rider Joanne Tiffney, as she appeared one year ago    July 6, 2021.

     Chuck Nicewonder

  • 07/02/2022 6:47 AM | Ronnie Wells

    There won’t be a Monday evening Whitehouse TAB ride on 7/4. Hope to see you Monday morning for the Freedom ride out of  Oak Openings.

  • 06/30/2022 12:09 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)


    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday June 28th recap

              The Speedtrap Ride brought thirty-one riders to Elmore Tuesday night for its latest chapter. Scott Lang led the Ghost Pepper Riders and reported 23.3 mph for a riding average. Bob Kayden led a combined Cayenne Pepper/Habanero Group to an average of 21.3 mph.       John Del Toro --filling in for Todd Pokkock—Thank you John—led the Jalapeno Riders with a riding average of 18 mph. There was one mechanical issue in his group. The Sweet Pepper Riders were four in number but split halfway into the ride. Claude Watkins reported 15.1 mph.

              Pictured are Doug and Kathy Metzger. Doug is wearing the Kitten Jersey, celebrating his 24th birthday. Happy Birthday Doug!

              Also pictured are Cayenne/Habanero Riders on the road and Sweet Pepper Riders on the road.

              On a personal note: My arm and shoulder are much better—just stiff with very limited range of motion. Hope to be riding in the not-to-distant future..

              Several riders gathered after the ride to enjoy Portage Inn Pizza.

    Please join us next Tuesday for the July 5th edition of the Speedtrap Ride. The long-range forecast is for a high of 86 degrees, SW winds at 10 mph, and a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms. That means 50% chance of no thunderstorms! Sign-in begins at 6:00 in front of the bike shop, and we roll out at 6:30 pm. I hope to see you then!

    Chuck Nicewonder


  • 06/30/2022 10:25 AM | Joseph Peltier (Administrator)

    Mighty Cyclists, 

    Another Thursday evening ride is soon to start.  The last ride of June as we head in to a long July 4 holiday weekend.  

    Tonight's ride will be a warm one as the high is expected to be 90.  But don't worry, the humidity is predicted to be only 35%.   I guess this makes it a dry heat (hahah).  None the less, hydration will be key.  You should be hydrating now for the ride.  Bring extra liquids for you post ride re-hydration efforts.  With warm rides like this, be mindful of your own strengths and keep an eye on the riders around you.  We need to take care of each other on these group rides. 

    Winds are predicted to come from the SSW @ 9mph gusting to 21mph.  We'll work hard for the first half of the ride and then have some fun with the wind at our backs for the return leg.  

    We have a secondary alternate route.  I have presented to the individual group leaders and they will make a group by group decision whether to use the Trail option to avoid the construction on Weckerly/Monclova or the secondary route.  You can review/download the secondary route with the following link from Ride With GPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40014452 

    Don't forget, you can sign in electronically at  https://toledo-area-bicyclists.ticketleap.com/thursday-5fer/

    Avoid the clipboard! 

    Rides, average speeds and ride leaders: 

    Group 1 (Hot1) - Avg: 20-25+ mph, 26 mi:    Phil Carroll

    Group 2 (Hot2) - Avg: Less hot than Hot1 26 mi:   Tim Eckel

    Group 3 (Xtra Spicy) - Avg: 19-21 mph, 26 mi:  Doug Kilpatrick

    Group 4 (Spicy Plus) - Avg: 18-19.5 mph, 26 mi:  ???

    Group 5 (Spicy) - Avg: 16-18 mph, 24 mi:  Jodie Petcoff

    Group 6 (GLR) - Avg: 14-16 mph, 20 mi:  John Galdeen 


    Joe "El Capitan" Peltier

  • 06/29/2022 11:09 PM | Douglass Kilpatrick (Administrator)

    This Saturdays adventure ride departs from Cyclewerks in Whitehouse at 8 am. It will be heading NW to give us a great tailwind home. The route is 44 miles and we will be rolling at 18 to 20 mph with final Average between 16 and 17 mph. Come join us for an adventure!!


  • 06/29/2022 5:48 PM | Jodie Petcoff (Administrator)

    This Saturday, July 2nd, the TAB Meandering Group is planning a 33-mile tour of the Wabash!! We roll out of Whitehouse (across from Cyclewerks) at 8a for an average pace over the whole route of 13-15 mph. Hope you can join Roger and I for another ride in Northwest Ohio!!

  • 06/29/2022 1:53 PM | Joseph Peltier (Administrator)

    Mighty Cyclists, 

    74 cyclists signed in on what was, so far, the most gorgeous evening we have had for a ride this season.  It was good to see some new faces and we also had some out of town visitors join our ride.  We had a gentleman from New Jersey ride in the Hot 2 group, and a gentleman from Atlanta join our Spicy plus group.  It was heartening to hear the positive feedback from these guys post ride.  

    All riders made it back safely and we walked, drove, road away knowing that we participated in another great ride. 

    Reported speeds:

    Hot 1:            25.2

    Hot 2:            22.2

    Extra Spicy:  21.6

    Spicy Plus:    18.9

    Spicy:             16.1

    GLR:               14.1 

    Already looking forward to the next 5'fer. 


    Joe "El Capitan" Peltier 

    PS - Don't forget to avoid the clipboard and sign in on line:  https://toledo-area-bicyclists.ticketleap.com/thursday-5fer/

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