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  • 7 Apr 2019 7:31 PM | Nathan Burks

    Twenty-one riders enjoyed perfect weather and a great ride down and back on the Towpath for the first Intro to Gravel Ride. One near miss of a suicidal squirrel is all I have to report. Greg, Chris, and I took off from Waterville to attend the Winter Warrior finale. Along the way we ran into John and Alan and had a short rendezvous with the Meanderers in Whitehouse. Great day to ride!

    The next Intro to Gravel ride leaves from Pacesetter on 4/20 at 9am. However, if you are up for a serious challenge, the Summer of Stupid opening day is riding Poto and DTE, same day, same time. Either way, you'll get a little dirty, and dirt is good.


  • 7 Apr 2019 3:50 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

    …we had decent weather to ride. And the TAB crew was ready to ride! 23 riders came for our first Adventure tour. It looked like no one forgot their riding skills, since we had a tight group and we kept a consistent easy speed. I wanted to keep it relaxed and social, and we did with a 16.0 avg speed and lots of catching up after a long winter. We stopped at The Buzz in Whitehouse for a food stop, and were joined by the Meanderers after their ride. A number of riders wanted to attend the Spartan Winter Warrior finals, so they bid us farewell. Our smaller group cruised back to Secor Park through the woods of Spencer Township to block the gentle winds. No Windsday blasts here. I had a total of 41.6 miles, but then my Garmin reads low. I suspect it was more like 42.5

    Of course, there were those first ride blues too – I took an early turn, tried to adjust, and wound up with a an extra 1 ½ mile detour. As Hubert says, “Bonus Miles”. And we had the usual, early year bugs. Craig Miller and I both flatted – Craig with a cut tire, and me with my first flat in 2 years. Nicole Sicha lost her rear disc brake on her  mountain bike. And Alan Frischman found he need to brush up on his gravel skills. But all in all it was a nice start to the season.

    Next week’s ride is scheduled to leave at 9:00 from Cyclewerks in Whitehouse for a 40 mile cruise to Liberty Center. Debbie Tassie will be your guide and leader. Be sure to come and join us!

  • 5 Apr 2019 8:58 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This Saturday is our first group ride of the season. Not only does the weather look good it is also a birthday ride for me. We are going to keep me young by riding 25 to 30 miles (not even in my dreams).

    Remember this is a no-drop ride and will stop when anyone needs to. Be ready to ride at 9:00 In Whitehouse. Hope to see you there.

    -Linda Posadny

  • 4 Apr 2019 1:47 PM | Daniel Becker (Administrator)

    Jenny Hansen, the Safe Routes to School Coordinator, is looking for volunteers to help with this spring’s bike fix it events. Below is a list of dates, locations, and times of the specific events. Please contact Jenny if you are available and willing to help! 

    April 25th Elmhurst Elementary 4530 Elmhurst Rd. – 3:30pm-5:30pm

    April 30th Marshall Elementary 415 Colburn Rd. – 3:30pm-5:30pm

    May 2nd Harvard Elementary 1949 Glendale Ave– 3:30pm-5:30pm

    May 7th Hawkins Elementary 5550 W. Bancroft– 3:30pm-5:30pm

    May 9th Birmingham Elementary 2222 Bakewell St. – 3:30pm-5:30pm


    Jenny Hansen

    Toledo Safe Routes to School Coordinator

    YMCA of Greater Toledo

    Office:  419.725.7845

    Cell:  419.699.8040

    Email:  jhansen@ymcatoledo.org

  • 4 Apr 2019 9:41 AM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

    Spring has sprung and it’s time to ride! This week we’re going to a tour that circles the airport. We’ll start at Secor Park Nature Center/Center for Photography and head out west . We’ll cruise through Fulton Cty around Swanton and down to Whitehouse for a breakfast stop at the Buzz. (With the Meanders stopping there after their ride they’ll be a-Buzz with cyclists!). After breakfast we’ll head back through the wooded sections of Spencer Township to Secor Park.

    Weather is looking to be cool at the start in the high 40s then rising to the high 50s, low 60s. Winds are predicted to be mild at 5 mph and out of the E. Total mileage of 40.5 miles. Speed? Well, we all pretty much suck (thank you March). So I’m looking at an average of 16-17 mph, leaning to the 16 side with rolling speeds slightly higher than that depending on conditions. Let’s keep this relaxed and social.

    We leave from Secor Park Nature Center/Center for Photography at 9:00 sharp. Cue sheets will be available. You can preview the route at Ride With GPS and download the route to your bike computer.


    See you there.

  • 2 Apr 2019 9:11 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Greetings to all TAB Members and Friends,

    The month of April has arrived, and with it the start of TAB's warm weather rides. TAB's weekend rides begin this coming Saturday and Sunday, April 6th and 7th. There are five regular TAB rides beginning this coming weekend.

    They are:

    1. The Meandering Group Ride, Saturday, at 9:00 from CycleWerks in Whitehouse.

    2. The Saturday Adventure Tour, Saturday, at 9:00 from Secor Metropark

    3. The New Gravel Series Ride, Saturday, at 9:00 from the Roche de Boeuf area of Farnsworth Metropark in Waterville

    4. The Sunday Breakfast Ride, Sunday, at 9:00 from Wildwood Preserve Metropark, and

    5. The Sunday Getaway Ride, Sunday, at 1:00, from the Monclova Elementary School.

    In addition, individual ride leaders will likely be sending out more details of their rides.

    If you haven't been riding during the winter, it's time to tune up your bike and get those wheels rolling!

    I hope to see you on the road!


    Chuck Nicewonder

  • 2 Apr 2019 8:42 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    From OBF…

    OBFLogo.gif ShareTheRoadPlate.gif

    On Tuesday, December 22, 2004, Governor Bob Taft signed the Share The Road license plate into law as part of House Bill 406. This law culminates five years of efforts by the Ohio Bicycle Federation (OBF) to create an auto license plate which will publicize the importance of motorists sharing Ohio's roads with bicyclists. Proceeds from the plate pay for publishing "Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts," a free booklet giving the Ohio law regarding cycling. The booklet and the "Share the Road" plate will be available after March 23, 2005.

    UPDATE - As of November 30, 2005, there have been 777 "Share the Road" license plates sold. A minimum of 1000 license plates must be sold by March 23, 2006, or the plate will be discontinued. Don't let the "Share the Road" plate go away! Spread the word to your cycling friends, and follow the steps below to get your plate!

    To get your Share The Road plates on the web (after March 23):

    1.     Go to www.oplates.com.

    2.     Click on "special plates."

    3.     Scroll to and click on "Share The Road."

    OR, pedal to your local deputy registrar!

    You may purchase a SHARE THE ROAD plate at any time during the year--even if you are not renewing your registration.   You would just pay the cost of the plate ($15.00) plus the transaction fee ($3.50).  If want to personalize your SHARE THE ROAD plate, this will cost up to $35 extra.

    Many individuals prefer to request the SHARE THE ROAD plate at the time of renewal.  A customer may renew their registration up to 90 days prior to the expiration date; for example, if my registration expires on June 30, I may renew as early as April 1.  You would request the SHARE THE ROAD plate and pay for your registration renewal at that time.  Visit www.ohiobike.org for more information.  
    Ohio Bicycle Federation Chair Chuck Smith said, "Share The Road license plates are a great way to show your belief in motorists and cyclists sharing the road for their mutual benefit." For more information, contact Chuck Smith at 

  • 1 Apr 2019 9:36 PM | Daniel Becker (Administrator)

    Get a start on planning your own participation during Bike Month 2019.

    TMACOG wants all cyclists to learn to safely use a bicycle for healthy commuting. Regular or even occasional bike commuting reduces air pollution and road congestion. There are many opportunities for bike education and for fun throughout the region in May...read more

  • 1 Apr 2019 9:20 PM | Daniel Becker (Administrator)

    TMACOG is updating the regional transportation plan and they need your input! Attend one of the public meetings and/or visit the On the Move website and fill out a survey:


    This is the 2020 update to the 2045 Transportation Plan and you input will drive the next two decades of projects so yes, this is important!

    April 4 — Way Public Library 6-8pm

    April 11 — Adelante, 6:30-8pm

    Complete the survey for a chance to win a $25 gas card or bus pass.

  • 1 Apr 2019 9:54 AM | Daniel Becker (Administrator)

    Its official, the 2019 Season has begun. Top-off your weekend with a TAB ride out to Metamora.

    April 7th, TAB's breakfast rides begin at 9:00AM from Wildwood MertoPark, this Sunday.

    Catch up with your bicycle buddies, and enjoy some tasty pie or pancakes, hot oatmeal and more, for breakfast.

    Hope to see you Sunday April 7, 2019, departing Wildwood MetroPark at 9:00AM


     9:00 am

     Starts in April

    Breakfast Ride

    Average: 16-19 mph, 35-45 mi

    Wildwood Metropark, 

    5100 W. Central Ave. 

    Toledo, OH 

    Debbie Tassie

    Dan Becker

    Ron Schieb

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