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  • 07/17/2024 8:38 AM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

    Windsday snuck up on us this week. Weather conditions are classic conditions for a Windsday - temps in the low 80s, with a challenging 10 mph NW winds. It should make for a great ride

    Meet us at Central Trail School, 4321 Mitchaw Rd, Sylvania. Our 2 groups leave at 6:30, with Edgar leading his 21+ avg speed group and Dan leading the 18-20 crowd. See you there!

  • 07/15/2024 6:44 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday July 16th

              The Speedtrap Ride, one of America’s great Tuesday night rides, will hold its next chapter tomorrow, Tuesday, July 16th, with riders leaving Spoke Life Cycles in Elmore at 6:30 pm

              The weather appears to be mostly favorable for riding: partly cloudy skies, with a temperature in the mid 80s. However, winds are predicted to be WSW at 12 mph, with a 25% chance of precipitation[but that’s a 75% chance of no precipitation!}.

              Scott Lang’s Ghost Pepper Riders will likely average 23+ mph over a 25-mile course. Are you ready for the challenge?!

              John Del Toro’s Cayenne Pepper Riders will ride the same course and will likely average 21 to 22 mph.

              Ken South and his Habanero Riders have been improving all season. Look for his group to average 20+ mph.

              Kenneth Shaw should be there to lead the Jalapeno Riders at anywhere from 16 to 19 mph.

              I will be in charge of the Sweet Pepper Riders, those who would like to ride at a more casual pace.

              The Speedtrap Ride takes cyclists over quiet country roads. Since the ride is both a Flatlanders AND a TAB ride, you’re likely to meet and ride with some great people, too! Sign-in begins at 6:00 in front of the bike shop. I hope to see you then!

              Pictured are regular Speedtrap riders David St. Louis(blue jersey), as he appeared May 25, 2021 and Dave Stoiber(orange jersey) as he appeared August 3, 2021.

    Chuck Nicewonder

  • 07/15/2024 1:38 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

    Kris J and I are looking to get a group together for Saturday’s MetroParks Tour. We plan rolling out by 7:30 and do the 60 mile route. We’re looking at 19-21 rolling speed, but we can adjust for the group. If you can ride the Saturday Adventure Ride, you can easily ride with us. If you're interested, just show up, and look for Kris or me. We’ll be there!

    Interested in a more moderate pace? Thomas Volk and David Justin Barret will be riding the 60 mile route at more reasonable pace of 16-19 and are forming a group to accompany them. David says if you rode with them for the Portage River Tour, it's the same pace. If interested, please DM him, OR... just show up on ride-day. They also plan on rolling out at 7:30 AM.

    You can register for the ride at:


    Starts and ends at:

    Fallen Timbers Middle School, 6119 Finzel Rd., Whitehouse, OH, 43571

  • 07/11/2024 6:01 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

    We head out to Wauseon this Saturday for a cup of floofy coffee. This usually means a ride to Red Rambler, but they closed for good just this week. Instead we’re going to hit Special Grounds in the south end of Wauseon. It’s a nice place, run with the help of individuals with disabilities. Good coffee and baked goods, plus other drinks and treats.

    We leave from a different starting in this week - Mallard Lake, at Oak Openings at 8:00. Distance is 41 miles. As usual, it's an 18-20 rolling speed, but we will adjust for the group. This is a no drop ride.  Bring money for coffee and treats! 

    OO- Special Grounds CW

  • 07/10/2024 5:49 PM | Jodie Petcoff (Administrator)

    The Meanderer's will roll this Saturday, July 13th from Elmore at 8a. Meet up at Walter Ory Park parking lot (across from the post office: 328 Rice St, Elmore, OH 43416) so that we can adventure out for a 43-mile tour down the North Coast Inland Trail, west to Gibsonburg and along the Portage River for the return to Elmore. Bring hydration and a snack for our rest stop break, but there will be the option for purchases if you chose visit the convenience store. Meanderer's meander so you can expect rolling speeds of up to 15-17mph and an average that will fall somewhere between 13-15mph for this NO DROP ride. Pace is set by the abilities of the group that gathers!

    We hope you'll come out and ride bikes with us!!

  • 07/10/2024 3:08 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday July 9th recap

              The Speedtrap Ride brought twenty-five cyclists to Elmore last night to ride in what started as a light sprinkle which then turned into a more steady but still light rain.

              Dan Willis, filling in for Scott Lang,  led the Ghost Pepper Riders and reported a 22.7 mph average.

              Doug Metzger, filling in for John Del Toro, led the Cayenne Pepper Riders to a 21.9 mph average.

              Ken South took out his Habanero Riders as group number three but eventually caught up with Doug Metzger’s Cayenne Pepper Riders and the two groups turned as one to Elmore.

              David Barret reported that there were nine Jalapeno Pepper Riders to start out. Eight returned with an average of 16.5 mph. The lone missing rider arrived later, but riding strong.

              There were two riders new to the Speedtrap Ride last night. Both are pictured: Roger Parker(black shirt) and Dan Langdon(blue shirt). Welcome both to the Speedtrap Ride!

              The weather forecast for next Tuesday, July 16th calls for a high temperature of 92 degrees, a WSW wind of 12 mph, with a 55% chance of PM thunderstorms.

    Hopefully the forecast will change to something more favorable by then and I’ll see you under sunny skies.

    Chuck Nicewonder


  • 07/10/2024 1:28 PM | Joseph Peltier (Administrator)

    Mighty Cyclists,

    The holiday is over and the remnants of hurricane what's his name have moved on.  It is time to ride the best Thursday ride there is. The weather looks to be dry and cooler with a start time temperature of 79 with winds out of the NNE at 7 mph.  Be ready for a great ride.  

    We meet at Side Cut Park and the rides will start departing at 630 pm.  

    Groups 1 through 4 will meet with Eric Wharton at 620 pm for a safety discussion.  If you are riding in one of these groups, please make every effort to be ready at 620 pm.

    Groups 5 through 7 will meet at 625 pm for the regular pre-ride announcements.


    ·       MARR is also fast approaching and will be held on August 10, 2024.  You can find all the details at https://www.toledoareabicyclists.org/MARR  It’s not too early to think about signing up to ride.  More importantly, we need an army of volunteers to make this ride happen and be successful. Co-chairs Dave Barret and Kenneth Shaw will be reaching out and asking for volunteer help. Spread the word and make some time to help out the cause.  

    Tonight’s rides and ride leaders:

    Group 1 (Hot1) - Avg: 23+ mph, 26 mi:    Eric Wharton

    • Expect rolling averages to be 28 mph or more.

    Group 2 (Hot2) - Avg: 21-23 mph 26 mi:   Tim Eckel

    • Expect rolling averages of 25 mph or more.

    Group 3 (Hot 3) - Avg: 20-22 mph, 26 mi:  Kris Jensen

    • Expect rolling averages of 24 mph or more.

    Group 4 (Xtra Spicy) - Avg: 19-21 mph, 26 mi:  Keven Sommerville and Joe Peltier to co-lead

    • Expect rolling averages of 23 mph or more.
    • No Drop

    Group 5 (Spicy +) - Avg: 18-20 mph, 26 mi:  Keith Meredith

    • Expect Rolling averages of 22 mph or more.
    • No Drop

    Group 6 (Spicy) – Avg: 16-18 mph, 26 mi: David Barret and Mark Maxwell

    • Expect Rolling averages of 19 mph or more.
    • No drop

    Group 7 (GLR) - Avg: 14-16 mph, 20 mi:  John Galdeen

    • Expect rolling averages of 17 mph or more.
    • No drop

    Be safe, have fun.

    Joe and Vince

  • 07/09/2024 10:48 AM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

    This Windsday looks to be a bit of a challenge with cool temps around 70, stiff winds out of the NW in the low teens. But the big threat hanging over us - RAIN! Remnants of Beryl are expected to barrel in and spoil the day. But there’s always hope.

    Meet us at Central Trail School, 4321 Mitchaw Rd, Sylvania. Our 2 groups leave at 6:30, with Edgar leading his 21+ avg speed group and Dan leading the 18-20 crowd.

    Official cancelation will be posted by 5:30 day of the ride so check back then

  • 07/08/2024 4:29 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday July 9th

              The Speedtrap Ride, the best Tuesday night ride out of Ottawa County,

     will roll out again tomorrow, Tuesday, July 9th, at 6:30 pm from Spoke Life Cycles in Elmore, Ohio.

              There will be five groups. The first four will ride a 25-mile course. The last one will ride a 22-mile course.

              Scott Lang leads the Ghost Pepper Riders and usually averages 23+ mph. Are you ready for the adrenalin rush??!!

              John Del Toro rides out with his Cayenne Pepper Riders and averages 21 to 22 mph,

              Ken South will take out his Habanero Riders. His group’s averages are getting very close to 20 mph.

              Ken Shaw will lead the Jalapeno Riders at anywhere from 16 to 19 mph.

              I plan to ride out with the Sweet Pepper Riders, those who would like a more casual pace.

              The weather forecast is for a temperature of 80 degrees and a mild west wind of 7 mph at ride time. There is, however, a 40% chance of showers, But….that means 60% chance of no showers! We’ll keep our fingers crossed!!!        

              The Speedtrap Ride is a combined effort of the Toledo Area Bicyclists(TAB) and the Flatlanders Bicycle Club. It’s a great opportunity to ride some quiet country roads and meet some great people, too! Why not give it a try! Sign-in begins at 6:00 in front of the bike shop. I hope to see you then!

              Pictured is versatile Flatlander and perennial Speedtrap rider Chris Marquardt(on the tandem with Debra Lohr) as they appeared June 7, 2022, and versatile and active TAB member David Barret, as he appeared July 26, 2022.

    Chuck Nicewonder


  • 07/04/2024 8:35 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Freedom Ride July 4th recap

              The holiday brought sixty-eight hardy cyclists to Oak Openings Preserve Metropark for the Freedom Ride to Morenci, Michigan, and back, according to the sign-in sheet. However, Rick Metcalf estimated that there were several more who didn’t sign in, bringing the total to at least eighty.

              Before riders rolled out of the park, Mike Moore from the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center explained the good things his organization does for people, and Nicole Reece read a statement from our own Doug Kilpatrick how he has benefitted from the organization’s services.

              After Whitney Houston sang the Star Spangled Banner, riders were off!

    Eric Wharton led the fast group, with a few breaking off to ride slightly slower. David Barret led a slower group, with again a few breaking off to ride at a more comfortable pace, with Mark Maxwell leading.

              Riders enjoyed a lunch, furnished by TAB, on their return to Oak Openings.

              There were a few incidents on the ride. Kris Jensen had a mishap about a mile out of the park. No details to report at this time. Eric Wharton needed to change an innertube in Morenci, and Matt and Michelle Cleland’s tandem broke down on the return at county roads L and 6. They got help from relatives living nearby.

              Thank you to all who rode, and thank you to all who helped make today’s ride happen: Nicole Reece, David Barret, Debbie Tassie, Joe Connelly, Eric Wharton, John Galdeen, and Mark Maxwell.

              Pictured are riders before they left Oak Openings, and David Barret’s group in Morenci.

    Chuck Nicewonder


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