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  • 10/31/2022 6:00 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)


    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday November 1st

              For anyone interested, there may be enough daylight with a moderate temperature for one more unofficial Speedtrap Ride leaving from Spoke Life Cycles in Elmore, Ohio, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1st. Ride time is 6:00, or as soon as bike shop folks can be ready to ride. Sunset will be at 6:27 pm. It is predicted to be 63 degrees, sunny, with a WSW wind of 5 mph at 6:00 pm. Lights will be required for riders.

              Anyone who would like to ride, who would rather leave earlier, may do so.

              As with any unofficial ride, regular ride leaders are not required to be present. Riding groups will be formed from those who show and those willing to lead. Last week there was only one group of five riders.

              Pictured are a group of Jalapeno Riders from earlier in the season. Happy Halloween! Perhaps I’ll see you tomorrow, or when the best Tuesday night ride out of Ottawa County resumes officially on May 2, 2023

    Chuck Nicewonder


  • 10/29/2022 7:13 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

    The last Adventure ride of the year looked like it might be a  wipe out due to the heavy fog, at least around my area. But just south of US 20A, the fog lifted and blue sky was visible, so we were on! Even with the chilly 35 degrees, 15 riders came out. The scenery was beautiful, the riders were smooth.  The whole ride was one of those rare rides where we all enjoyed the morning, and worked smoothly together. Thanks to everyone who came out today. The picture of the group is missing Jenifer Wiles, and Hubert who were hiding from us. Only 22 weeks until we start again! 

  • 10/28/2022 4:00 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday October 25th recap

              Enough daylight and a temperature of 73 degrees brought seven intrepid cyclists to Elmore Tuesday evening for an unofficial Speedtrap Ride.

              Doug Kilpatrick led a group ride with four other riders: David St. Louis, Jason Moore, Bryan Rose, and Tony Mazurek. All reported a great ride, but Doug indicated there was no tailwind on any portion of the ride, no matter which way the group was riding! Doug also indicated a riding average speed of 21.4 mph.

              Claude Watkins and I rode together. We left early, but rode only to Woodville and back, as my arm and shoulder still have some healing to do. Nevertheless, Claude said he was glad he got the ride in, and that he was sorry to see the summer end.

              Pictured is Claude Watkins as he appeared September 25, 2018. Claude missed only one official ride and one unofficial ride during the 2022 riding season. Perhaps he was the most regular(except for possibly some leaders) of all Speedtrap Riders.

              It appears that we may get one more unofficial Speedtrap Ride in next Tuesday, November 1st. The long range forecast calls for sunny skies, a WSW wind of 5 mph, a high temperature of 67 degrees, and little chance of rain. Sunset will be at 6:27 pm, so front and rear lights will be necessary. Perhaps I’ll see you then!

    Chuck Nicewonder


  • 10/27/2022 8:14 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

    The final Saturday Adventure Ride of the year is here. Where did the season go? We have a cool but sunny, low wind day so I thought we'd take one last look at what's left of the fall colors on this ride. We'll start our 41.5 mile adventure from Keener Park (Keener Rd just south of Monclova) at 9:00. Projected temperature - a crisp 37 degrees rising to 51 by noon. Rest stop will be at Providence Metropark around mile 25. Full finger gloves, base layer and jersey and maybe a jacket and tights or leg warmers are in order. Hope to see you all there.


  • 10/27/2022 5:40 AM | Jodie Petcoff

    TAB's Meandering Ride leaves Whitehouse (across from Cycle Werks) Saturday at 9a for the final official ride of the 2022 season. Average pace for the whole route will be 13-15mph, but we adjust the pace for the group that shows. This week's route will be 29-miles so bring hydration and a snack to enjoy at our brief rest stop. Some of us will be heading to Local Thyme to celebrate the end of the season with a good meal and great company. Roger Sweigart and I hope you can make it out for this final official ride in 2022!

  • 10/24/2022 5:16 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)


    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday October 25th

              If anyone is interested, there will be an unofficial Speedtrap Ride tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25th, leaving from Spoke Life Cycles in Elmore, Ohio, at 6:00 pm, or as soon as bike shop folks can be ready.

              As with any unofficial ride, regular ride leaders are not required to be present. Riding groups will be formed by those who show, and those willing to lead.

              The weather forecast at ride time calls for a temperature of 73 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, a SSE wind of 10 mph, and virtually no chance of rain. Sunset will be at 6:37 pm, so front and rear lights are required.

              If anyone would like to ride and leave earlier than 6:00, you have that option.

              Pictured are regular Speedtrap Riders Chris Marquardt and Debra Lohr, as they appeared on June 7 earlier this year.

    Chuck Nicewonder


  • 10/19/2022 7:43 PM | Jodie Petcoff

    The Meanderer's are going to help celebrate Hubert's birthday for our second to last ride of the season. We roll at 9a out of Whitehouse (across from Cyclewerks), bring hydration and a snack to enjoy. Our normal 13-15mph average pace for the ride will be held firm based on who shows up and makes sure we know they are there to meander. We're planning on an abbreviated route and Roger & I will have the mileage worked out in the next day or two. We hope you'll come join us and help celebrate Hubert's big day!!

  • 10/19/2022 5:51 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    From Rick Metcalf

    Hubert’s Birthday Ride! This Saturday at 9:00 starting from Whitehouse. Fantastic weather, probably the best we have ever had for his birthday Ride! Mid 50s at the start, low 70s at the finish! Doesn’t get any better! 85 miles of late October bliss! Please join us and help pull Hubert across his 85th Birthday Ride finish line.

    Lunch location will depend on size of group. 10 or less Spenglers, more than 10 fast food to conserve time.

  • 10/17/2022 5:29 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

    Speedtrap Ride Tuesday October 18th

              For anyone who would like to ride, you can form an unofficial Speedtrap Ride tomorrow, Tuesday, October 18th, at 6:00 pm, or as soon as bike shop folks can be ready.

              However, weather conditions are likely to be very unfavorable for riding. Predicted is a temperature of 42 degrees, a 78% chance of rain, and a west wind of 18 mph. I will likely not be in Elmore, (as I also have an important physical therapy appointment after school).

              This might be a good time to recognize a few people who have contributed to the success of the Speedtrap Ride: Spoke Life Cycle employees. Probably before every ride someone is buying a last-minute accessory, getting a bike tune-up, having a flat fixed, or even buying a new bike. Thank you Spoke Life Cycles. Of course, Speedtrap Riders have provided business for the shop, too!

              Pictured are Spoke Life owner Rob Golden, employees Doug Kilpatrick,  Mike Meiser, and Dan Waggoner(on the tandem) Thank you!

              The long-range forecast for next Tuesday, October 25th, calls for a high temperature of 69 degrees, partly cloudy skies with a 24% chance of rain, and a SSW wind of 16 mph. It looks like conditions will be favorable for an unofficial ride then!

    Chuck Nicewonder

  • 10/16/2022 11:40 AM | Kenneth Shaw (Administrator)

    The Westerly is Done for the year... kinda

    This has been my first season as a ride leader and it has been a learning experience of course. But, it has been a positive experience! I've made some mistakes and am hoping to continue this ride next year as long as my schedule allows. I've gotten to start friendships with several riders getting to hear their stories. The biking community in the area is truly awesome with a statistically low number of jerks!

    So this serves as an official announcement that the ride is done for the year as too much of the ride would take place after sunset, which isn't safe of course now.

    However, I want to ride the route this afternoon. This is short notice but to anyone interested, feel free to come out and join me. I'll be departing at 4 pm. The weather looks great with a light wind out of the SW. Hell, shouldn't even need a jacket, its Vitamin D weather!

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