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2020 Membership News

05/20/2020 12:31 PM | Daniel Becker


TAB 2020 Membership Extension & New Member Offer

Obviously, most of the benefit of your TAB membership is built around group riding and the associated socializing, both of which are currently risky. As a result, the TAB board has decided to extend the membership of all active members an additional year at no cost to you. For example, if your membership was due to expire January 31, 2021, it now will expire January 31, 2022. Considering the uncertainty of this riding season, we want to help ensure your membership in TAB is not diminished due to the virus.

To check your membership status go to www.toledoareabicyclists.org and click on the Membership link.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed of any decisions made by the TAB board. If you have any questions about this, contact Membership Director Rick Rump at tab.cycling@bex.net

A Great Time to Join or Rejoin TAB

TAB has been promoting group cycling in northwest Ohio for about 40 years, but our group rides are on a temporary hiatus, as we wait for a time when the risk of riding as a group is at a safer level. We soon hope to be able to resume our TAB rides in some fashion. In the interim, this seemed like an opportune time to make you aware of a special membership offer. 

Two for One Membership Offer

For whatever reason, you chose not to renew your membership or to join TAB. We’d like you to now join us as club members. To provide some encouragement, until June 30, we are offering you the opportunity to receive two years of TAB membership for the price of one year. In effect, $20 gets you a two-year individual membership and $30 provides you with a two-year family membership.

To join, go to www.toledoareabicyclists.org and click on the Membership link. We hope you will join us.

If you have any questions, please contact Membership Director Rick Rump at tab.cycling@bex.net. Be cautious and stay safe as you ride our roads.

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