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Wild Windsday

09/14/2019 2:54 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

Last Windsday was a crazy one. I got to Timberstone at 5:30 to find the whole parking lot was full. It turns out that there was a home football game. Yikes! So I posted a quick message via email and Facebook to meet at Central Trail. And Jen Wiles sat at the lot to redirect everyone to our new location 

Then there was the weather. It was just a little rain cell. headed straight for us. But 5:40, it was raining cats and dogs. So it was time to decide - cancel or ride. By 5:50, the rain moved out, and the roads started to dry. So ride it was. But now it was 86 degrees and 100% humidity – not my best riding conditions.

By this time we had 10 riders. A couple called off and went home. The 8 of us left as a group and we were off at a Reasonably Fast pace. The roads dried fast enough that spray wasn’t an issue. We had a beautiful rainbow to the east, and Jay Thomas got a great rolling picture of it and me. But it was still hot, and the air was so muggy you could cut it. Besides having a cold, I couldn’t get enough air to breathe. I wound up dropped a mile from the end, but stayed within a closing distance of the group the rest of the way in. We scored 21.1 avg (21 for me).  In other words, just another Wild Windsday.

Come join us next week. It looks like a football game at Timberstone this Weds. So join us at Central Trail, 4321 Mitchaw Road, around the corner from Timberstone JHS. With the fading light, be sure to bring lights for safety. I’ll see you all there 6:00!

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