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Almost Perfect Windsday Night!

27 Jun 2019 12:41 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

This Windsday was probably the best of the season so far, we had a great turnout to take advantage of it. If you weren’t one of our 32 riders, you missed a good one. We had a beautiful blue sky, warm temperatures and good riders. For once the Windsday winds were blowing from the right direction – the West. They were a little tough on the groups heading out, but what a joy on the way back! My R&R group saw 21 mph on the return leg without even trying hard. It really was just about perfect. Edgar delivered a solid 22.6 for his Fast and Furious group, Jenifer’s Reasonably Fast group delivered a good 19.6, and my Reasonable & Reliable group had a nice 17.4 average. We also had 4 Relaxed group riders including 2 new riders. Their guest ride leader - Dave Burkett - was out adding some extra miles when I got in so I didn’t get a ride report from him. But all 4 riders had smiles on their faces, and reported a good ride.

2 things. 1) No ride next week – Sylvania Fireworks are planned for 6:00-12:00, and the parking areas for miles around fill up with cars. It’s not a safe night for a ride. Enjoy the fireworks instead.

2) I want to add a big thank you to the Windsday riders. You have helped out with both the Relaxed group and filled in for those times we’ve need coverage, like last week. This is a special group. If I ask for help, someone almost always will step up and fill in, no questions asked. Just a great group of people. I’m still looking for a regular ride leader for the Relaxed group (any volunteers?), but I’ve appreciated the team that has helped make it a reality. Windsday riders are really a special group. Come out, see what we’re about. But do it in two weeks :)

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