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Welcoming Windsday

6 Jun 2019 4:50 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

Late afternoon thundershowers never developed, leaving us with a warm but breezy Windsday. And the night didn’t disappoint. 31 riders took advantage of the beautiful night to enjoy a ride through the farm fields. Edgar’s Fast & Furious riders reported a quick 22.1. Jen’s Reasonable Fast group was so big that she had to split into two groups. Group 1 reported a 19.3, with Group 2 coming in at 18.8, a good performance over all. My Reasonable & Reliable group was small but mighty, reporting a solid 17.5. We paced ourselves well on the way out and had a 16.3 average into the wind, and even did a bit of an echelon as we headed west into the NW wind. And Marty and Hubert took our Relaxed group our for a spin at 13.7.

Be sure to join us next week, same time same station, for another ride with a great group of riders. See you then.

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