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Thursday 5'fer May 4, 2023 (May the fourth be with you)

05/04/2023 11:37 AM | Joseph Peltier (Administrator)

May the 4th be with you.

Most importantly, today is the first Thursday 5'fer of the TAB riding season.

When: 18:30

Where: Side Cut Park, Maumee. Silver Lake Parking lot.

What: 6 group rides:

Group 1 (Hot1) - Avg: 23+ mph, 26 mi Led by Ben Groves

  • This is a DROP Ride.

  • Rolling averages are VERY FAST

Group 2 (Hot2) - Avg: 20-23, 26 mi Led by Tim Eckel

  • This is a DROP ride

  • Rolling averages are VERY FAST, but not quite as fast as HOT 1

Group 3 (Xtra Spicy) - Avg: 19-21 mph, 26 mi Led by Douglass Kilpatrick Jr

  • This is a Drop ride.

  • Rolling averages range from 20-24mph+ depending on the wind and group strength

Group 4 (Spicy Plus) - Avg: 18-19.5 mph, 26 mi - RIDE LEADER NEEDED

  • This is a Drop Ride

  • Rolling averages range from 18.5 - 21+MPH depending on the wind and group strength

Group 5 (Spicy) - Avg: 16-18 mph, 24 mi - David Justin Barret, Mark Maxwell

  • Traditionally, this is no-drop ride

  • Rolling averages are approximately 16 - 20 mph depending on the wind and group strength

  • This is a GREAT ride for beginning group riders and we have two GREAT leaders who are ready to teach

Group 6 (GLR) - Avg: 14-16 mph, 20 mi - RIDE LEADER NEEDED

  • This is a no-drop ride

  • Rolling averages depend on the group

Tonight's weather is looking optimal with light winds out of the North East and temperatures in the low 60's.

Be prepared. Do you have a tire change kit with extra tubes? Make sure you bring plenty of hydration supplies. Give your machine the once over so you know it is in good working order. Is your chain clean and lubricated? Are your tires inflated? Don't wait until mile 10 of 26 to find out something is not right.

I'll see everyone at Side Cut.

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