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Important Message to ALL TAB members

03/03/2023 12:36 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

Important message to all TAB members,

        With the start of TAB’s warm-weather riding season quickly approaching, the club still needs ride leaders for some of its rides. If you, hardy TAB members, want these rides to continue, and I know you do, some of you will have to step up and volunteer to lead. They cannot continue without a leader.

        You may be thinking that you don’t want to commit to being at a ride every single week. That is understandable. However, a great way to avoid having to show up every week is to pair up with a fellow rider. Then you can take turns in leading. You can work out a schedule that works for both of you. If you have something else going on in life, your co-leader can fill in for you—and vice versa!

        Perhaps you have a riding companion you know would be good at leading a ride. Please have that person contact me…or send me that person’s name.

        If you want these rides to continue, and I know you do, please step up and volunteer to be a ride leader. Yes, there is some responsibility, but it’s not that bad, and kind of fun!

        Below is the list of rides still needing a leader. I hope to hear from you soon.

Chuck Nicewonder         TAB Ride Captain

  • 1.    Sunday Breakfast Ride from Wildwood Preserve Metropark
  • 2.   Sunday 1:00 Getaway Ride  16 – 18 mph pace
  • 3.    Monday Bedford Ride 16 – 18 mph pace
  • 4.    Tuesday Old 24 Breakaway from Whitehouse
  • 5.    Windsday Ride from Timberstone Reasonable and Reliable
  • 6.  Group AND Fast and Reliable group.
  • 7.  Thursday 5fer Spicy Plus
  • 8.   Thursday 5fer GLR
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