2014 Winter Warrior Rules

I am always looking for ways to boost interest in TAB rides and would specifically like more riders to try riding in the winter.  1st place this year is an original series Pure Fix bicycle.  Winners choice of color and size.  2nd place will win a wool cap with ear flaps from Walz Caps in size of winners’ choice and a pair of Wind Blox.  Also this year a pair of Wind Blox will be awarded to the highest finishing female with at least 50% of the available minutes.   The challenge will cover all 22 of the winter rides.  I set it up like a stage race, you get minutes of lead time when you ride or do something for the ride.  The colder the temperature during the ride the more minutes you get.  To get the temperature of the ride, I use the temperatures recorded at the airport from 9 to noon as reported in the Sunday Blade.  If you show up and do anything less than ride to the halfway point you are awarded 1 minute.  There could be exceptions to this, such as an injury requiring life flight or a frame destroying bike failure will probably get you the day’s full minute award.  This will be solely up to me and sometimes I can be a bit grumpy.   Crying or complaining is not allowed on Winter Rides and will never get you more minutes.  You can also get the full minutes awarded to you by 1. Supplying brunch for the riders  2. Spending the entire ride time chasing the riders around taking ride photos  3. Anything else that I feel enhances the ride experience or encourages others to come out and requires considerable effort on your part.  If you complete half of the ride (generally to breakfast) then bale, you will be awarded 60% of the days minutes.  If you deviate from the route to make it easier (moving from off road to pavement) you will be penalized a percentage of the days minutes based the percentage of  the total ride miles you were off course.  In no case will this penalty exceed 50% of the days’ total minutes.   Remember I can be a bit grumpy.

The 2nd thru 5th place finishers will be recognized as Winter Warriors.  The winner will join Hubert, myself, Allen Kraus and Ric Hummel as a Spartan Winter Warrior, the highest honor a TAB winter rider can achieve.  Once a Spartan Winter Warrior, you are forever a Spartan Winter Warrior.  You no longer compete in the Winter Ride Race, but instead provide encouragement and support to those that follow you in their quest to become a Winter Warrior and ultimately to join you as a Spartan Winter Warrior.

To compete successfully in the Winter Ride Challenge you do not need to be fast, you need to be determined to ride and or like to cook (see #1 above).  You need a reasonable winter cycling wardrobe and able to ride on any surface. It’s going to help to have several different tire types at your disposal.  We will be riding on pavement, gravel, rocks, stones, dirt, mud, snow, slush, ice, leaves and grass.  Sometimes we get all of those on the same ride!  Winter Rides present a different challenge every week. 

Spartan Winter Warriors, Hubert Backes, Allen Kraus, Ric Hummel and myself will be there to offer support, encouragement and advice in dealing with the challenges of winter riding.  We are not eligible to win.

Pre-race favorites are last year’s winter warrior award winners:  Drew White who only missed 2 stages last year, Mark Nowotarski, winter warrior 2 years running and the Troxells.  Jacqueline and Mike started with a rush but faded late.  There is also a host of other folks, several of whom are new to winter riding, that have indicated that they are in it to win it.  22 weeks is a long season, anything can happen…..anyone tough can win!  Are you tough enough?

 Winter Warriors are emerging…….long live the Winter Warriors!

 Minutes are based on the ride’s lowest temperature.  No minimum temperature this year!

40 & up – 2 minutes                                
30 to 39  3 minutes                              
20 to 29 – 4 minutes
10 to 19 – 5 minutes
  0 to 9   – 6 minutes
-10 to -1 –  7 minutes

In addition, if all Spartan Winter Warriors in attendance on a ride agree, one additional minute can be awarded to any stage for over the top extreme conditions other than temperature.


Spartan Winter Warriors Hall of Fame

Hubert Backes
Rick Metcalf
Allen Kraus
Ric Hummel