Tuesday, Speedtrap Ride, Woodville
(6:30 through Aug. 31; 6:00 from Sept. 1 - 30)

The Speedtrap ride, a joint venture between TAB and the Flatlanders Bicycle Club, is a social and scenic no-drop ride following much of the Portage River in Woodville and Elmore. The ride originates at Elmore Cycle and Fitness in Elmore, Ohio, and there are three ride options. 

The first option is the fast speed group, called the Ghost Pepper Riders, led by the Flatlanders' Scott Lang. The route is approximately 23 miles and heads toward Pemberville before turning and heading back to Elmore. It stops and waits for the second group at a cemetery about halfway along the ride. Average speeds for the fast group exceed 20 mph, and riders can be dropped from this group.

The second option is the medium-speed group, called the Habanero Riders, led by TAB's Hugh Benning. The group usually follows the same route as the fast group. However, individual riders can take a short cut to make the total distance about 20 miles. The Habaneros  regroup with the fast group at the cemetery. This group rides an average speed in the range of 19 to  20 mph.

The third option is the slightly slower group, the Jalapeno Riders, led by TAB’s Chuck Nicewonder. This group takes the short cut and rides for a total of 20 miles. The Jalapenos also stop at the cemetery to briefly meet up with the other groups. Average speeds are usually 17 to 19 mph.

At times, there can be a fourth option for anyone who wants a relaxed, slower pace with a riding average of about 15 miles per hour. These are the Sweet Pepper Riders, and the group often chooses its own distance and route, often shorter than 20 miles. If no one among the Sweet Pepper Riders is comfortable leading the group, Chuck Nicewonder will lead.

All groups meet back in Elmore, and at least twice a month some riders gather at the Portage Inn in Elmore for food, drink and good conversation. Pizza at the Portage Inn is some of the best pizza for miles around!

Click here for route map!

Address: 453 Maple St, Elmore, OH 43416

Elmore Cycle & Fitness

    Parking Option:  (Do not park in front of the Diner)
  • Ride starts out now from the bike shop in Elmore (Elmore Bike and Fitness) and checks for any riders at the Speedtrap Diner before crossing State Route 20. Please park to the right of the doors to the bike shop.
  • There is a park a couple blocks west of the bike shop. It is across the street from the past years' meeting point in Elmore.