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Windsday is back!

13 Jul 2020 12:23 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

Windsday is officially returning this Wednesday, 7/15 as a trial run for our group rides . Changes center on working on pre-ride procedures to limit our exposure to coronavirus with minimal inconvenience. Here’s what we’re asking:

1)    Use common sense - don’t come if you don’t feel good, or may have been exposed, or have recently recovered.

2)    Please maintain 6 ft between each other prior to the ride. Either that or wear a mask. I will nag you if you’re too close because I’m that kind of person.

3)    No pass around sign-in, it’s self-serve. The clipboards and sheets will be found in the back hatch of my car – silver Golf Sportwagen - or on the benches near the main entrance of Timberstone depending how many people come. Sign yourself in, and be sure to include a phone number. I’ll provide a pen, but you can bring your own if you like. Hand sanitizer is available after you sign in to limit virus spread. Expect a backup, so come a bit early.

The waiver has added a section about accepting the risk of exposure to viral infections, bacterial infections and other communicable diseases and illnesses (at our insurance company’s request).

4)    About 5 minutes before the ride, I’ll ask you to split into your groups with your ride leaders. This way we can judge how big our groups are for the night and make adjustments. Our objective is to keep groups at 10-12 and we may break into smaller groups as needed. Also it lets the leaders address their individual concerns.

Hopefully, you find these reasonable. A list of Ride Risk Factors can be found here, please read it. And PLEASE be patient, this is a work in progress and we’re volunteers.

Enough of this now. What about the ride? Windsday is a very flat ride through the open fields west of Sylvania. We start at 6:30 from Timberstone Jr High, 9000 W Sylvania Ave, Sylvania, OH 43560. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the ride so you’re ready to roll at 6:30. This Wednesday looks to be hot and breezy with temps in the low 90’s and moderate 8-10 mph winds from the south projected. In other words a typical Windsday.

We have three different groups for your riding pleasure: the Fast & Furious led by Edgar Rapp averages 21 mph or better, the Reasonably Fast led by Jennifer Wiles averages 19 mph, and the Reasonable & Reliable led by Dan Riley averages 17 mph. Speeds within the groups vary depending on wind conditions, with slower speeds with headwinds and faster speeds with tailwinds. You should be able to maintain a rolling speed about 1 mph faster than the average. All three groups follow the same route, The first two groups will drop you if you can’t keep up. So if you get dropped, stop and wait for the next group to pick you up. The R&Rs try to be no drop, but we expect you to be reasonably able to keep up with us. Sorry, we don’t have a groups for a slower riders this year.

Our route can be found here. You can download it to your bike computer and/or phone, or print out the cuesheet. Cuesheets will be available at the ride too.

Come out and join us this Windsday, 6:30 at Timberstone JHS, and help us kick off official rides for the year!

P.S. I need a ride leader for the F&F group, Edgar has a conflict that for Weds. Let me know if you can help.

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