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One “Hill” of a Ride

1 Sep 2019 9:49 AM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

Honestly, I thought this weekend’s Adventurer Ride would be low key. Labor Day weekend, starting in Swanton, prediction of stiff east winds. I thought for sure the attendance would be low. Boy, was I wrong! 19 riders came out just to ride the hills on CR16. I think that’s a season high!

At the start, the winds were from the North. Since the route was mainly east to west, we made good time getting out to the hilly section. The hills are a group of nice rollers - once you come down, you have momentum for getting up the next hill. But those north winds slowed us down. I heard wishes that the they could do them with the wind at their back. Your wish was my command. After a stop in Morenci and an ill-fated attempt to pump up a tire (it got deflated instead) we were back in the hills, wind at our back.

Remember that east to west route? It was west to east coming back. And the winds had shifted to out of the east and increased to 10-12 mph. But the group stayed clustered together worked hard against the wind until we made it past the famous CR 8-1 flowers - which were in full glory by the way. As we headed in to the winds one last time, we separated into 2 groups, but still made it back in good shape to our starting point. A tough ride, but still a “hill” of a great one, with a fantastic group of people.

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