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Classic Windsday

1 Sep 2019 9:29 AM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

Windsday was a classic ride this week. Partly cloudy skies blocked enough of the sun to keep the temperatures cool. A tough west wind up to 12 mph greeted us in the parking lot. But Windsday riders are a tough bunch. All three groups buckled down to attack the enemy from the west out to CR 4-3 when we were able to turn back east and take advantage of those winds. Speeds were down by about a 1/2 - 1 mph, but were still great. Edgar and the Fast & Furious (a great name for a band by the way) reported a 23.0, Jen’s Reasonably Fast a 20.3, and my Reasonable and Reliable came in at 17.6

Next week, we're back to Timberstone for our start, but starting time is 6:00 due to the fading sun. I hope you’ll all come out and enjoy a ride through the field with us.

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