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Adventurers - Perfect Saturday

29 Jul 2019 12:07 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

We really couldn’t ask for a better day for a ride Saturday - sunny but with moderate temperatures. Well, we could have used a little gentler breezes, but they really weren’t a problem. After a final head count, we had 20 riders for our trip out to Winameg. Often a group that big can be overwhelming, and bit tough to manage - think herding cats. But this was a great group. We all rode at a consistent speed, and stayed well organized. It made for an easy day for me.

We took a bit of a different route out of Whitehouse to our stop at Delta, heading west through the Maumee State Forest before heading north to Delta. The best part was the freshly paved CR F and 6-3 that lead into Delta. Smooth as silk!

After a quick 10 minute stop, the group was ready to go onward. We swung by the flowers on CR 8-1 and were able to meet the gardener herself out there working. Rick Metcalf, in all his years riding out here, had never met her and wanted to thank her for her beautiful work.

We soldiered on to Winameg destination. The town is so small that Marty Extejt missed it and asked where it was (the 4-way stop at CR 10-2 and CR L). The approach to the town has some nice shady roads with curves and terrain change that makes it interesting so I’m not surprised he missed it. 

We then went westward toward Swanton and guess who we saw? Linda and Meanderers - that would be a great band name by the way. They were on their own trip out to see the flowers and were heading back too. We politely passed them and arrived at our Swanton rest stop, just missing a passing train in downtown Swanton. Lucky us!

We left just in time for the Meanderers to arrive and cruised the last 10 miles back to Whitehouse and our picnic for Mark Nowatarski for a total of 44.6 miles at a pleasant 17.4 mph.

No Adventurers ride next week - it’s Pre-MARR. Details will follow. Be sure to be there!

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