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Speedtrap Ride Tuesday July 23rd recap

24 Jul 2019 1:10 PM | Chuck Nicewonder (Administrator)

Speedtrap Ride Tuesday July 23rd recap        

Sunny skies, temperatures in the upper 70s, and light winds drew forty-three cyclists to Elmore for the Speedtrap Ride last night.

          The Ghost Pepper Riders rode with a 22.9 mph average, as reported by group leader Scott Lang.

          Dan Waggoner substituted for Bob Kayden(out of town) as leader of the Cayenne Pepper Riders. Dan reported a 20.8 mph average. Thank you, Dan, for leading.

          The Habanero Riders rode with an 18.6 mph average reported by leader Tony Mazurek.

          Eight Jalapeno Riders stayed pretty much together throughout the ride. Ron Purk from that group reported 16.4 mph.

          The Sweet Pepper Riders split into two groups. Marnie Arndt and those who rode with her rode 20 miles at 14.3 mph, while Becky Kayden and Joyce Purk rode 16.3 miles at 13 mph.

          It was tandem night! Pictured are the five tandems on the ride:

Dan Waggoner and Kathy Slovak, Tony Mazurek and his daughter Emily(who is headed for Miami University this fall), Doug and Kathy Metzger, Judy Daiello and Jeremy Sneath, Dave Stover and Jana Loy.

          Yes, the weather was very pleasant as riders rolled out from Elmore. However, all that changed about two-thirds of the way through the ride. The entire northern sky became very dark, and it became very windy! Some groups did experience rain in addition to the wind; some groups just felt a few drops. The steady rain did come down as riders began driving out of Elmore after the ride.          

          After the ride, several  riders and even some non-riding spouses gathered at the Portage Inn in Elmore for food, drink, and good conversation!

          The next chapter of the Speedtrap Ride will take place next Tuesday, July 30th. Sign-in begins at 6:00 and we ride at 6:30 from Spoke Life Cycles in Elmore. I hope to see you then!

Chuck Nicewonder


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