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Guest Leader Windsday

18 Jun 2019 2:13 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

This Windsday will be full of guest ride leaders. Jen &  I will be out for the evening due to outside commitments. So Edgar will be signing you all in, and will still be leading his Fast & Furious group. John Wodarski will be leading Jen’s Reasonably Fast group (if you don’t know John, he’s a great rider and all round good guy). And our fearless president Ron Schieb will inspire the Reasonable & Reliable group to new heights. And our Relaxed group has volunteer leaders at the ready.If the rains hold off, tomorrow should be a good night to ride, especially you Reasonable & Reliable riders. Warm temps and mild winds are projected (at least by weather.com). 

If you’ve thought about coming out but our wind infatuation scares you off, I’d really encourage you to come in spite of the wind. We share great riding tips, especially about dealing with the wind, and have a great time wind or no wind. You’ll learn how to effectively deal with the winds, instead of fearing them. So come and join a great group of riders tomorrow. And I’ll hope to see you all when I’m back next week! 

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