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Windsday - “What Doesn’t Kill Us…”

13 Jun 2019 12:15 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

Well, the rain never developed, but if those winds were 7-8 mph, I’ll eat my helmet. (I’m probably due a new one anyway.) We had 31 riders come out for the evening. With a strong 12-15 mph wind straight out of the East, all the groups took advantage of a great tailwind to build up a speed reserve for the return trip. My R&R riders hit a nice18.5 before we turned east back into the wind. While it was a challenge, all four groups showed great teamwork to arrive back at our regular speeds. Edgar’s F&F group averaged 22.0 (A splinter group of fast riders arrived back at an impressive 19.9). Alan Mikesell, filling in for Jen, brought his group in at 19.3. My R&R group scored our typical 17.3 with Todd “Ken” Kozlowski bringing the Relaxed riders in at a sweet 13.7. Great results all around! 

It looks like the winds are here to stay this summer. So why hide from them? Come out and join our group of wind gurus and learn how to master those breezes. You may still hate them, but you’ll won’t fear them anymore.

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