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Edgar’s Windsday Adventure

05/26/2019 1:36 PM | Daniel Riley (Administrator)

I had to miss Windsday due to a family obligation, but Edgar filled in and had this to say:

“27 riders signed in and two strays joined for a total of 29 riders. F&F had an avg of 22.1 with 7 riders, Jenifer had 10 riders and an avg of 19.5, Dan Becker had 7 riders and an avg of 17.4, Ron Schieb rode with 5 and had an avg of 15.5.

“Everyone reported a smooth ride, the wind was approximately 8 from SSW. The highlight of the evening was that we were asked around 6:25 to move the cars toward the track side of the parking lot, because an award evening. So the ride started at 6:40. And indeed, the parking at the school was maxed out when we came back, some parked even in the grass. Glad we promptly reacted, so we don’t get kicked out of that ride start location.

“Great ride. Now we have to watch Trevor so that he can’t get away with that new bike.”

Thanks to Dan Becker for filling in for me, Ron Schieb for filling in for Rocky, and Edgar handling sign in and coordinating duties. Be sure to join us next week for our last ride Windsday of May - 6:30, Timberstone JHS.

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