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Opening Night 5fer Thursday

2 May 2019 10:31 PM | Rick Metcalf

It must have been a long winter because most folks forgot how powerful the 5fer Thursday weather mojo is. Forget the forecasts.....it doesn’t rain on the 5fer! The 18 cool kids that did show, enjoyed an excellent and dry ride. We rode in two groups, a Hot combo which reported a 22.1 mph average which seems quick for Opening Night. We had riders from all 4 of the remaining groups on the other ride which averaged 18.0 mph. I was pleasantly surprised by how well our diverse group worked together and executed smooth rotations on Opening Night. Bodes well for the season. Ride leader photo taken by Jessie Miller. Left to right: Tim Eckel Hot 2, Tony Mazzullo Spicy Plus, Rick Metcalf Xtra Spicy, John Caldeen GLR and Jodie Petcoff Spicy. Not pictured is Matt Cleland Hot 1. The cool kids do it again next Thursday!

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