The Seatpost - April 2018

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The Seatpost - February/March 2018 v2

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The Seatpost - December 2017 / January 2018 Edition

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The newsletter is back! We will plan to distribute bi-monthly in the winter (Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan, and Feb/Mar) and monthly from April thru September. Please provide your input on items you would like to see so the effort has some value to our club members. I am looking forward to having some fun with this when we’re not pedaling. Thanks to Ron Schieb for volunteering to be our newsletter chair!

Newsletter Editor

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TAB is in a need of a member willing to serve as Seatpost Editor. The editor is a member of TAB's board. If you have an interest, please contact TAB's President Hugh Benning. A newsletter is not currently being published.

The Seatpost August - December 2015 Edition

posted Apr 21, 2016, 12:54 PM by Tab President

What’s inside:

  • Across Ohio Bicycle Challenge
  • MARR 2015
  • Ohio bicycle law

The Seatpost April - May 2015 Edition

posted Apr 21, 2016, 12:53 PM by Tab President

What’s inside:

  • Winter Warrior Challenge 2014-2015
  • Memorial Day ride
  • Team Toledo Fitness Expo
  • Intro to group cycling clinic
  • A mother’s inspiration to ride
  • Ride leader meeting notes

The Seatpost Special MARR 2014 Edition

posted Apr 21, 2016, 12:44 PM by Tab President

What’s inside:

  • A recap of MARR 2014

The Seatpost February – March 2015 Edition

posted Apr 21, 2016, 12:35 PM by Tab President   [ updated Apr 21, 2016, 12:41 PM ]

What’s inside:

  • 2014 TAB award winners
  • 2015 TAB board members and officers
  • 2014 Rider mileage
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Winter ride series

The Seatpost August - September 2014 Edition

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What’s inside:
  • A preview of MARR 22 and the 4th annual Sylvania Cycling Classic
  • Pete Hustwayte compares cycling with flying
  • Cindy DiVitto recounts the experiences of her and three other TABers at the Rapha 100K in Hocking Hills
  • Jamie Naragon, Mike Troxell and Jacqueline Campbell share their experiences working Race Across America (RAAM)
  • Healthful recipes and nutrition tips

The Seatpost June-July 2014 Edition

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TAB members and beyond,

Attached is the June-July 2014 edition of the TAB newsletter, The Seat Post.   This new issue of the TAB newsletter is being sent to the email address you supplied with your membership form.  As always, within a few hours you will also be able to download it from our TAB website.

We had some fantastic contributions to this issue!  

  • Brian Gribble summarizes the Bike to the Bay Training and Group Ride Clinic
  • Debbie Tassie and Linda Posadny discuss some of the fun changes to MARR
  • Brian provides the details to show our club’s strong financial condition
  • Nancy Beeman contributes some recipe ideas to fuel bicyclists
  • The calendar of events for June and July shows lots of options each weekend
  • And we look back and to the future with our President Cindy DiVitto

There were a couple of other columns I had planned for the newsletter.  Brian, one of the owners at Spokes Life Cycles has agreed to write a “Ask Mechanic” column for our newsletter.  Unfortunately, I only received one question.  If you’d like to have an opportunity to have a bike mechanic with 20 years experience provide you with answers to your questions, please email at  And I had hoped to start a column profiling members in this issue, but simply ran out of time.  I focused a bit more the past month on the new Tips About Bicycling Safely (TABS) rather than the newsletter.  I do hope you are finding the weekly TABS helpful. 

I want to warmly thank Brian Gribble (2x’s for the second time in a row!), Debbie Tassie, Linda Posadny, Nancy Beeman, Rick Metcalf, and Cindy DiVitto for their wonderful contributions to this newsletter.   Please consider adding your name to this list by contributing an article or photo to our next issue.   The next issue of The Seatpost will be out at the end of July with a submission deadline of July 25th.  

Jacqueline, The Seat Post Editor 

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