2013-14 TAB Winter Riding Session

This year we're making the winter rides OFFICIAL TAB RIDES!!!  Rick Metcalf has worked hard to put the season together along with the many volunteers that make club rides happen!  As with all CLUB rides, you must be a member to participate.  Guests are welcome to attend their first ride but must join TAB for subsequent rides.  

So if you want to compete for the prizes (yes, I said PRIZES), you must be a member of TAB (Join here).  Vittoria has agreed to donate $335.00 worth of product for this years Winter Warrior race.  Complete rules posted next week. Generally speaking, the harsher the weather the more points you can score. Are you tough enough to be a winter warrior....or can you go beyond tough and win the coveted elite level Spartan Winter Warrior?

Always check the CALENDAR as it serves any changes or modifications to the event.


11/2   Tony Packo’s Ride   from Monclova school @ 9:00  Pavement

11/9   Sue’s Chili Ride        from 889 Bexley Drive, Perrysburg @ 9:00  Pavement

11/16  Island Lake   caravan from St Luke’s hospital @ 8:00  Dirt

11/23  BMD               from Whitehouse @ 9:00  Pavement

11/30  MT Brighton   Caravan from St Luke’s hospital @ 8:00  Dirt

12/7    Wild Ride        from 13901 Eckel Junction Perrysburg @ 9:00  Pavement

12/14  Christmas Card Ride  from Bowling Green @ 10:30  Pavement

12/21  Wauseon Trail  from North Fork @ SR64  Dirt and gravel

12/28  Longest Day    from Wauseon @ 9:00  Dirt, gravel and rock

1 / 4    Jermain            from Jermain park @ 9:00  Dirt

1/11    Pecan Roll        from Whitehouse @ 9:00 Pavement

1/18    Dirty Play 2      from Napoleon @ 9:00  Dirt

1/25    Winter Expo     from Monclova @ 9:00  Pavement

2/1      Cycle the Conditions  from Elmore Bike Shop @ 9:00  Pavement

2/8      Oakwood Park  from Napoleon @ 9:00 Dirt

2/15    Pecan Roll        from Whitehouse @ 9:00 Pavement

2/22    Dirty Play         from Grand Rapids @ 9:00  Dirt

3/1      Whitehouse to Grand Rapids Road Ride @ 9:00 Pavement

3/8      Winter Expo     from Monclova @ 9:00  Pavement

3/15    Gravel Grinder  caravan from St Luke’s hospital @ 8:00  gravel

3/22    Liberty Center    from Whitehouse @ 9:00  Hard pack dirt and pavement

3/29    Towpath             from Monclova @ 9:00  Gravel & pavement    

Top 10 Reasons To Ride This Winter

  1. Now regular TAB rides with insurance
  2. Your co-workers will be in awe (or think you are crazy)
  3. No Humidity
  4. Usually don’t have to share the bike paths with anyone
  5. Nothing beats putting the first tracks in a new snow
  6. Never boring, kick the boring trainer to the trash
  7. You can win great prizes
  8. NO BUGS!
  9. If you are tough & persistent, you could be a winter warrior
  10. If you are exceptionally tough & relentlessly persistent, you could be the 2014 member of the exclusive and extremely limited roster of the Spartan Winter Warriors!
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