Monday, Whitehouse Ride
(6:30 through Aug. 31; 6:00 from Sept. 1 - 30)

How can you go wrong with a ride that starts and ends by an ice cream shop? 

B level - Avg. 18-20 mph (Ride Leader Nancy Beeman) -- This group works together in a double paceline with speeds that can reach the mid-20s. The route covers about 30 miles over beautiful Fulton County roads (to the west of Whitehouse). Occasionally, we will change the route to vary the scenery or distance. This is a "no-drop" ride (with a sweep) for those who can maintain a rolling average of 18-20 mph. We will stop to regroup at least once during the ride. This ride does not feature any sprints or breakaways. 

C level - Avg. 16-18 mph (Ride Leader Dave Burkett) -- This group tends to stay together for the whole route, often trailing the same route as the B group. The best experience will be for those riders who feel comfortable riding at 16-18 mph for a distance of 25-30 miles. It is a no-drop ride. We ride in a double paceline with training available for those new to group riding to help develop good bike-handling habits. Speak with the ride leader before the ride if you are new to groups or want some extra mentoring from one of the many supportive, experienced riders. 

D, E, L, F levels - covers several groups averaging from 10 - 16 mph depending on participants (Ride Leaders Cindy DiVitto, Linda Posadny) -- This new ride welcomes kids (accompanied by an adult) and slower riders who would like an introduction to group riding. The ride utilizes both the North and South forks of the Wabash Cannonball Trail and, depending on riders' abilities, may roll through Oak Openings. Riders of all abilities are welcome, but the focus is on slower riders, group riding skills and bike path etiquette. The average speed will vary from 10-16 mph, and distance from 10-18 miles, depending on what is needed to accommodate all participants. Please arrive by 6:15 so that we have time to figure out the best course for the evening.


General's Ice Cream Depot