Thursday, Old State Line Ride
(6:30 through Aug. 31; 6:00 from Sept. 1 - 30)
This 25-mile ride explores the quiet country roads in the Oak Openings region of western Lucas County.  

Heading south out of the beautifully forested Secor Metropark, the route takes riders past the peaceful Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve before turning to the west and along several long open straightaways.  Riders will travel down a section of Old State Line Road, which once incorrectly marked the boundary between Ohio and Michigan.  Established by the Northwest Territory Ordinance of 1787, this historically incorrect boundary resulted in the famous Ohio-Michigan boundary dispute, known as the Toledo War that lasted until 1837.  On the back half of the route heading to the north and east, riders will surely capitalize on SSW tailwinds, making for an exhilarating push on the return to the park.  

While the pace will vary depending on who shows up, the best experience will be for those riders who feel comfortable riding at 18 mph, but can pick up the pace occasionally. 

Click here for route map!

Secor Metropark

    Parking at the Nature Center parking lot