Sunday, Breakfast Ride, Wildwood Preserve Metropark

Sundays just aren’t the same without a pecan roll at the Country Charm Cafe in Metamora, Ohio, our destination for the Sunday morning ride. 

Starting at Wildwood Preserve Metropark, the club meets in the #7 parking lot near the Visitor Center. The park address is 5100 W. Central Ave., Toledo, OH 43615. The main park entrance is 1.6 miles east of the I475 and W. Central Ave interchange. Click HERE for a PDF map of Wildwood.

We ride west from Wildwood Preserve on the UT Trail and west to King Rd. From there, we go a couple miles north to Brint Rd. and out to Metamora for breakfast at the Country Charm Cafe.

After the stop for breakfast, the ride heads back to Brint Rd. where it continues west to County Road 6. At this point, the ride turns south to County Road N/Bancroft Street and then east for a long run that ends with a brief stop at Secor Metropark to regroup. From Secor Metropark, we head east on Bancroft Street, then north on King and then east back on the UT Trail to our starting point. This route is about 42 miles.

There is a shorter option of 37 miles, which goes south on 64 and then east on Bancroft and north at King back to the UT Trail and east again back to Wildwood Preserve Metropark. 

The ride generally has a pace of 16 to 19 mph, but if the faster pace persists, some riders will drop back to form a second group. All meet up in Metamora and again at Secor Metropark. If the gaps don’t get too large, you can also expect riders to slow up after stop signs to pull people back in. 

In general, this is a casual ride where the pace can vary from week to week depending on who shows up. The conversation served up at breakfast is often as good as the food.

Wildwood Metropark Lot #7

    Starting location:  Parking lot