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Bike Trail Etiquette

Keep Your Speed Moderate on the Trails

None of our group rides spend a lot of time on the paved Metropark system trails, but a few spend some time on them, primarily at the beginning and/or end of the ride.  Usually, this means riders are either warming up or cooling down, so speeds are less than when on the road.  This more moderate speed is a good practice, and we encourage speeds of no more than 15 to 16 mph on the trails in a TAB group ride.

With the wide variety of trail users, this is an important safety consideration and comes at a time when the Metroparks have announced they are going to increase rule enforcement on the park trails system, especially the University/Parks, Wabash Cannonball and Tow Path trails.  Cyclists are not being singled out, but are being scrutinized along with all other users including walkers, runners and roller bladers.  With regard to cyclists, Joe Fausnaugh, the chief ranger, was reported in the Blade as saying, "We tend to get large groups on the all-purpose trails.  We're asking people not to ride more than two abreast, to signal when they're passing, and also ride at the appropriate speed."  Since “appropriate speed” is not defined, we’re suggesting a max of 15 to 16 mph and adhering to Ranger Fausnaugh’s other suggestions for the trails in the interests of safety.

A few other trail considerations:

·        Cyclists are expected to yield to all other trail users.

·        Speed should be reduced even more when passing joggers and walkers.

·        Move off the trail when stopping for some reason.

·        Adhere to stop signs, traffic lights and yield signs at intersections the same as you would on the road.

One other reminder.  The rangers report a rash of complaints of rudeness and other acts by trail users, including cyclists.  Remember that when you’re wearing a TAB jersey or other TAB clothing, your behavior is not just a reflection of you, but also your club.