Wednesday, Windsday in Berkey
(6:30 through Aug. 31; 6:00 from Sept. 1 - 30)

This ride begins at Tam-O-Shanter (7060 Sylvania Ave., Sylvania, Ohio) in the back parking lot. We can have anywhere from 12 to 35 cyclists.

We have three groups: 

The Fast and Furious (F&F) group lives up to its name, ending with an average anywhere from 19-23 mph.

The Reasonably Fast (RF) group will end with an average of 18-20 mph.

The Reasonable and Reliable (R&R) group ends with an avera
ge of 16-18 mph.

The ride starts with the F&F group going out first and winding out of the back side of Tam-O-Shanter north to Brint Rd. to begin a long run west on Brint, usually in a double paceline. The ride goes past Berkey-Southern Rd. and Fulton-Lucas Rd. to Fulton County Rd. 3/SR 64, then turns north to Metamora. The group heads east on Sylvania-Metamora Rd. before cutting south again on Richfield Center Rd. We take a turn east back onto Brint Rd. and retrace the route back through the King Rd. traffic circle. We turn right on Woodland Ln., with a quick left onto Vicksburg Dr. to arrive back at Tam-O-Shanter to finish our ride.

If you are new to the ride or have any questions or concerns, it’s a good idea to arrive early and let the ride leader know before the ride starts.

Tam-O-Shanter Front Parking Lot