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The 2018 Ride Season Has Begun with Our Weekend Rides 

Welcome to a summary of TAB’s group rides, which occur every day of the week except Friday.  Below gives each ride’s starting point, start time and contact information for the ride leader.  The average speeds listed below are "rolling averages," meaning that when you finish the ride, your average speed for the ride should fall in this range.  Because of stop signs and slowdowns, to achieve this average, speeds will at times likely be more.  By clicking on the ride name, you can get an expanded description of the ride.  If you still have questions, we encourage you to contact a ride leader.  Our goal is a fun and safe riding experience for everyone taking part.  By acquainting yourself with a ride before coming out, you will find the right ride(s) for your cycling skill level to help ensure a pleasant and safe cycling experience for you and those you are riding with.  Helmets are required on all TAB rides. If you have general questions about our group rides, please contact our Ride Captain, Chuck Nicewonder (419) 535-6820 or Chuck would also appreciate any feedback you have about any of our rides.

Be Sure to Check the Calendar for maps, changes to our regular schedules and more information on the rotating Saturday and Friday morning rides.

Day Time Ride Description Starting Location Ride Leader(s)

9:00 a.m.
in April

9:00 a.m.
in April

Morning Adventure Ride 
Average: 16 - 18 mph
Distance: 40 - 55 miles 

Meandering Group

Average: 12 - 15 mph
Distance: 20 - 40 miles

(Starting points vary)
4/21 Blissfield Venture
4/28 (Needs a ride)
5/5 (Needs a ride)
5/12 Whitehouse to Liberty Ctr.
(Check Calendar for details and breakfast/snack info)

Cycle Werks
6720 Providence St.
Whitehouse, OH


9:00 a.m.
in April

1:00 p.m.
starting in April.

Breakfast Ride  
Average: 16 - 19 mph
Distance: 35 - 42 miles

Afternoon Get-Away Ride

Gruppo Veloce - Average: 18-20 mph
  for 25 to 35 miles
Gruppo Moderato - Average: 15-18
  mph for 20 to 30 miles

Wildwood Metropark
5100 W. Central Ave.
Toledo, OH

Monclova Elementary School
8035 Monclova Rd.
Monclova. OH
Kelli Routsong
Debbie Tassie
Dan Becker

Mark Willee

for the season. Join us
in May.

Whitehouse Ride
B level - Average: 18-20 mph, 30
C level - Average: 16-18 mph, 25-30 
D,E,L,F levels - Average 10-16 mph,
  10-18 miles (dependent on riders    
Cycle Werks
6720 Providence St.
Whitehouse, OH 
D,E,L,F: Cindy DiVitto
D,E,L,F: Linda Posadny

for the season. Join us
in May.

Bedford Ride

Average: 15 - 19 mph for 25 miles

Temperance Rd. Elementary
1575 W. Temperance Rd.
Temperance, MI 

Ken Taylor
Phil Carroll
for the season. Join us
in May.

for the season. Join us
in May.

NEW Opening in May

Speedtrap Ride
Co-sponsored with Fremont
Group 1: Avg: 20+ mph for 23 mi
Group 2: Avg: 18-20 mph for
   20/21 mi

Old 24 Breakaway
Group 1: Avg. 18 - 20 mph for about
     25 miles

Mountain Bike Tuesday

Elmore Cycle & Fitness
453 Maple St.
Woodville, OH

Cycle Werks
6720 Providence St.
Whitehouse, OH

Oak Openings Metropark
Springbrook Parking Lot
4600 Waterville-Swanton Rd.
Swanton, OH

G1: Scott Lang
G2: Chuck Nicewonder

Jenifer Wiles

Don DiBartolomeo

for the season. Join us
in May.

Windsday at Timberstone 
Group 1 (F&F) - Average: 19 - 23 mph
  for 25 miles
Group 2 (RF) - Average 18 - 20
  mph for 25 miles
Group 3 (R&R) - Average: 16 - 18
  mph for 25 miles

Timberstone Junior High
9000 W. Sylvania Ave.
Sylvania, OH 

G1: Edgar Rapp
G2: Jenifer Wiles
G2: Dan Riley

for the season. Join us
in May.

Join us
in May.
Thursday 6Fer
Group 1 (Hot1) - Average: 20 - 23
   mph for 26 miles
Group 2 (Hot2) - A little less hot than
   Hot1 for 26 miles
Group 3 (Xtra Spicy) - Average: 19 -
   21 mph for 26 miles
Group 4 (Spicy Plus) - Average: 18 - 
    19.5 mph for 26 miles
Group 5 (Spicy) - Average: 16 - 18 
    mph for 24 miles
Group 6 (GLR) - Average: 14 - 16
    mph for 20 miles

Average: 16 - 19 mph
Distance: 30 - 50 miles
Sidecut Metropark
Silver Lake Side
Maumee, OH

(Starting points vary)
Hot1: Matt Cleland, Eric Wharton
Hot2: Tim Eckel
Xtra Spicy: Rick Metcalf
Spicy Plus: Dan Riley
Spicy: Jodie Petcoff

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Any questions or comments, contact our Ride Captain
 Chuck Nicewonder (419) 535-6820