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2012 Volunteers

You must volunteer 6 hours or more in order to qualify for your free dinner only  at the TAB banquet.  Please contact Linda Posadny (419-893-3200) if you have volunteered more than 6 hours and your name is not on the list.
Marnie  Arndt
Bill Bartholomew
Connie Benning
Matt Billings
Gary  Breymaier
Renee Breymaier
Jarrad  Buffy
Dave Burkett
Jacqueline Campbell
Cindy DiVitto
Anthony DiVitto
Eric  Dowell
Klaus Fink
Ray Gamboa
Doug Gonia

Anne Malicki
Neal Martin
Linda  Metcalf
Rick Metcalf
Jake Myers
Chuck Nicewonder
Jim  Nordmeyer
Mark  Nowotarski
Heidi Phillips
Linda  Posadny
Dave Posadny
Edgar Rapp
Patti Rapp
Sue  Richards
John Rider
Carol Rider
Kelli Routsong
Rick  Rump
MaryAnn Scheid
Nicole Sicha
Janet Smith
Pat  Squire
Ray  Squire
Randy Srocrynski
Debbie Tassie
Ron Toneff
Sally Usher
Mike  Vanderhorst
Keith Webb
Sue  Wilson
Sue Wotring