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Renew Your Membership Now!

posted Jan 6, 2017, 9:34 AM by Tab President   [ updated Jan 6, 2017, 10:50 AM ]

It’s so easy. You want someone to ride with, so you take a look at the TAB website and find out where the ride is that day. Six days a week, from May through September, there’s a group ride somewhere. Weekend rides stretch into April and October. And beyond that, there is the fabled Winter Warrior Series that starts in November.

This all happens because there is a club. There are ride leaders who volunteer to make sure each ride happens. There is insurance to protect all members from liability. There is a website, Facebook and e-mail to communicate with one another. And dozens of members who enjoy the ride.

All of those rides are the core of TAB. Just imagine if you showed up at Sidecut on a Thursday evening in the summer and no one was there!

We have a great club. As the cold weather moves in, sit back and remember the good times you had this summer. 
Members that are up for renewal will receive an invitation by e-mail to renew their membership. Follow the e-mail link to renew. If there were no club, you wouldn’t have those good times to remember.