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All riders, whether or not they are TAB members, are required to sign in prior to participating in a club ride. Links to the sign-in sheet are above and below. Minors require parent or guardian approval before they may participate in a ride. Links to the minor waiver can be found above and below. Ride Leaders should keep a supply of both sign-in sheets and minor waiver forms.

 Ride Leader Manual 

The Ride Leader Manual was developed by ride leaders, for ride leaders. All ride leaders should read and use the manual as their guide to support a safe and enjoyable group ride experience. It includes information about ride leader responsibilities, safety, accidents, and handling problems. If you have any comments, additions, or concerns about the manual, please direct to the ride captain. See the links above and below to download the manual.

Ride Captain

Kelli Routsong is serving as our Ride Captain for the 2015 season. The Ride Captain duties include ensuring ride leaders have the resources they need, coordinating the ride leader schedule, and serving as the point of contact for inquiries about rides. Feel free to contact Kelli any time for any questions, issues, or concerns you may have at ridecaptain@toledoareabicyclists.org

Plan a Ride Event

TAB makes $2.00 per average rider count available to all ride leaders for post- or pre-ride socials.

As a ride leader, determine the average number of riders on your ride (from your sign-in sheets). Plan your event and make it known to the club via Yahoo Groups, the newsletter and the website. Keep track of the cost of the items you purchase. After your event, submit your expenses to treasurer@toledoareabicyclists.org and you will be reimbursed for your expenses up to $2.00 per rider. 

Safety Rules

Ride Leaders should refer to the Ride Leader Manual for guidance in regards to ride safety.

In general, group rides are safer when others call out "slowing," "stopping," "walker-up," "car back". This helps riders further back in the group realize that they should pay close attention to what's coming. Leaders agreed that calling "clear" at intersections should NOT be done, and that all riders should check for themselves before crossing. Every cyclist has to take responsibility to be sure that the road is clear when he/she goes through.

New Riders 

Ride Leaders should identify any new riders and determine the rider’s abilities before the start of their ride. You may need to adjust the pace of your ride to accommodate the new rider. Refer to the Ride Leader Manual for more information. Any rider who is not a member of TAB should be encouraged to join the club. You can direct them to the TAB web site to join online.

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